8caf47491dc869de0c8aecdc309a32bfMontgomery Magazine May/June 2013 Cover story: Helping To Save Children: How Mark Shriver Aims To Assist People And Do What It Takes To Be “A Good Man”

Montgomery Magazine September/October 2012 Cover story: An American Story: County Executive Ike Leggett Furthers The Dream

Montgomery Magazine May/June 2012 Cover story:Montgomery County Chief Of Police J. Thomas Manger: Making A Difference In Public Safety

Montgomery Magazine July/August 2013 Cover story: Tammy Darvish: Driven To Make A Difference

Frederick Gorilla May/June 2013 Behind the Badge

Frederick Gorilla August/September 2013 Jeanne Marie Ford: Soap Opera Diva

Frederick Magazine August 2013 Beyond the Street Corner

Frederick Magazine June 2013 Wedding Flings:Get Them to the Park, Train, Balloon or Mountain on Time





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